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This mega pack contains 30 messages in one when you pay you get access to download 30 messages any day any time these messages include

  1. Rev George Adegboye Dreams do come true
  2. Rev George Adegboye Ephphatha
  3. Rev George Adegboye Excuse me lord, I have question
  4. Rev George Adegboye. Are you M.A.D
  5. Rev George Adegboye. Not even God can
  6. Rev George Adegboye. The message in the mess
  7. Rev George Adegboye. The power of an overcoming Faith
  8. Rev George Adegboye. Why people resist change
  9. Rev George Adegboye.Becoming God’s perfect gentleman
  10. Rev George Adegboye.How God answers prayer
  11. Rev George Adegboye.How God helps us to build our faith
  12. Rev George Adegboye.How i discovered the power in the name of Jesus
  13. Rev George Adegboye.How to know the will of God
  14. Rev George Adegboye.How to start your own ministry
  15. Rev George Adegboye.Men of like passion 1
  16. Rev George Adegboye.men of like passion 2
  17. Rev George Adegboye.Minister check your allignment
  18. Rev George Adegboye.No comment
  19. Rev Goeorge Adegboye. The begining of a world transformer
  20. Rev_George_Adegboye.From survival to significance
  21. Rev George Adegboye .Power packs
  22. Rev George Adegboye .Something is about to happen
  23. Rev George Adegboye .The total sister
  24. Rev George Adegboye .Tragedy of missed opportunities
  25. Rev George Adegboye .Why some minister get out of ministry work
  26. Rev George Adegboye .You may need to do more
  27. Rev George Adegboye 11092016 A Useful Discovery
  28. Rev George Adegboye 23112014 the church that god blesses
  29. Rev George Adegboye A clarion call
  30. Rev George Adegboye City changers



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